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Juniper - a constant figure, an evergreen tree that endures through all harsh conditions that nature brings, symbolizes the vitality of outdoor activities.

Robert Tsai, founder of Juniper, is an expert in headwear. Having been in the headwear industry for 40 years, he understands the importance of having the right hat for the right occasion, and his experience and expertise give him the ability to make the right hat for the consumers.

As an outdoor enthusiast himself, Robert craves for high-quality hats with practical outdoor features when embracing the nature. However, the pickings in the market were slim. Robert was determined to develop his own brand of outdoor hats, combining premium quality with outdoor practicality in an affordable package, designed for all outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are a leisure hiker or a die-hard outdoor fanatic, Juniper has the right hat for you.

~ For outdoor enthusiasts, by outdoor enthusiasts; this is what distinguishes Juniper. ~



JUNIPER® fabrics are extremely lightweight, with superior breathability and quick-dry to give you the complete wearing comfort, while ensuring you ultimate protection for any outdoor adventure.

Featured garments guarantee Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+ for the life of the garment, blocking 99.91% of both harmful UVA and UVB rays.

All of our fabrics are developed with one priority in mind, complete sun protection.

  • ANTIBACTERIAL & ODOR RESISTANT Innovative polyester fabric with antibacterial treatment protects against bacteria and mold, preventing unpleasant and unhealthy odor. Antibacterial & Odor Resistant
  • MOISTURE WICKING Multi-functional fabric is not only extremely breathable, it also absorbs excess moisture to keep you cool and dry for maximum comfort under all circumstances. Moisture Wicking
  • QUICK DRY OUT Ultra-soft and flexible fabric provides ample ventilation and helps you to get rid of extra sweat during your outdoor activities. Quick Dry Out
  • UV PROTECTION (UPF 50+) Durable and light weight, this polyester fabric is rated at UPF 50+ and blocks 99.91% of harmful UVA & UVB rays, ensuring your safety under the sun. UV Protection (UPF 50+)
  • WATER RESISTANT Versatile performance fabric provides accessible protection against water, while maintaining superior comfort and breathability. Water Resistant
  • WATER REPELLENT Ultimate performance fabric provides superior protection against water, actively repelling water and keeping you dry and comfortable. Water Repellent
  • RAPID COOLING Extremely flexible and supremely breathable fabric cools you down quickly, while moisture management helps you stay dry at all times. Rapid Cooling
  • ADJUSTABLE DRAW CORD The adjustable draw cord allows you to customize the sizing on the hat, creating the perfect fit for your wearing comfort. Adjustable Draw Cord
  • ADJUSTABLE CHIN CORD The adjustable chin cord helps the hat to stay in place no matter how intense your activities are. Adjustable Chin Cord
  • ELASTIC CLOSURE The elastic closure provides flexible fit on the hat, creating quick and accessible wearing comfort. Elastic Closure
  • REMOVABLE FACE COVER The removable face cover protects you against harmful rays from sunlight in a light-weight and portable package. Removable Face Cover
  • FOLDABLE BILL The foldable bill allows the brim of the hat to be reshaped for easier storage and transportation. Foldable Bill
  • HOOK & LOOP CLOSURE The hook and loop closure ensures flexible fit while maintaining stability for you under all circumstances. Hook & Loop Closure
  • PACKABLE The packable hat is able to be folded and reshaped, making it easy to store and carry. Packable
  • REMOVABLE FLAP The removable flap protects the back of your neck and/or your face against direct sunlight when installed, and it can be easily removed and stored when not in use for your convenience. Removable Flap
  • ZIPPER POCKET The zipper pocket provides extra storage for the additional features on your cap, while preserving the style and comfort of the hat when the feature is not in use. Zipper Pocket



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